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Vantaa Regional Parent Association, VANVARY

VANVARY – founded in 2004

VANVARY is a regional parent association, which was established by the individual parents’ associations of Vantaa 2004. The activities of the association include:

  • Supporting daycare, pre-school, primary school, and middle school education
  • Bringing the parents’ associations of Vantaa together
  • Promoting the parents’ associations views in relation to education and parenting

VANVARY organizes and updates members about common meetings and activities, discussion forums, and training events for parents’ groups. VANVARY makes initiatives and change proposals, as well as keeps in contact with officials. VANVARY cooperates with the Vantaa administration of education and other relevant policymakers.

VANVARY, in cooperation with parents and other interest groups, works for the benefit of children and adolescents.

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